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Our new offices in the United States and Dubai

The next step of our international expansion takes us beyond the borders of Europe, with local representatives we are present in Dubai and the United States.

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Our new offices in the United States and Dubai

Since 2004, the establishment of our company group, we've focused on expanding not only our services but the availability of our solutions on an international scale. IT operations outsourcing , our first business branch has grown the most and at the beginning of 2023 the time has come to open our new offices outside of Europe.

IT operations outsourcing during the years

We have been working in the field of IT outsourcing for over 20 years and successfully grew our business from micro level to a company with a team of 70+ colleagues, 100+ clients and an annual turnover of 1+ million EUR.

After scaling up our first business in Hungary we started to work with international companies mainly active in the CEE region so we opened our first office abroad in Croatia. We closely worked together with companies from neighboring countries such as Romania, Slovakia, Serbia, Slovenia and Austria.

As the Western European market became more important to our partners, we decided to start operations in Ireland in 2011 and in Germany in 2018. With these subsidiaries we managed to serve our current customers and won new business opportunities.

Our biggest clients work globally so we provide remote support to any of their locations and help building new office sites locally if necessary. These experiences encouraged us to go beyond and set up offices in new continents which enabled us to get to any location.

Next locations: Dubai and the United States

Despite the current economic challenges “Gartner estimates that 2023 global IT spending will reach $4.6 trillion in 2023, a jump of 5.1% over 2022 spending. The categories included in Gartner’s estimate are traditional IT components: Communications services, IT services, devices, software and data center systems.” (Source: Gartner, IDC). Our experience, feedback from our clients and the mentioned insights suggest that our services are still expecting growth and have promising potetnial.

Leading economic hub: the North-American market

Some of our partners have immense operations in Canada, US and Mexico and need our services on site beside our remote solutions. We’ve already completed projects in Toronto, Chicago, Monterrey, New York and Miami and decided to open our office in Hollywood, Florida.

Dubai: the best connection to Asia

We have worked with companies from Sydney, Tokyo and constantly got new inquiries from the Asian market so we choose to establish an office in Dubai which provides perfect connection and is an emerging and still rapidly growing market on its own. Our office is located in the hearth of Dubai and ready to serve local and international companies.

Plans for the near future

We’re going to offer the same services in our new offices so our future partners can rely on us with IT support, network-, server-operation, disaster recovery, IT security and consulting and other IT operations solutions. Our attitude is the same, providing the highest quality of service globally with local support, transparency and reliability.

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